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Get to know me meme: Kpop edition

↳ [1/5] Favorite female biases - Shin Ji

Get to know me meme: Kpop edition

↳ [4/5] Favorite male biases - Kim Jongmin

Focus on the good things Park Bom has done, instead of focusing on the bad (or rather something she hasn’t done). Blackjacks know that Park Bom is still and always will be a kind, and sweet person who will always makes Blackjacks laugh. Let’s support her, and stop the hate.

2NE1 x new mvs

BPPOP for anonymous


Reblog if you love and support Mr.Mr.

I personally love this group and am cheering them on in all future endeavors. Despite the whole “controversy” with Girls’ Generation, I hope they will become more popular in the future and will overcome all the obstacles that have been set before them. 

This is just my humble contribution to the fandom; a drawing of Mr.Mr’s logo/symbol. 

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