Yoojung’s sweet video message to Lady Gaga (ʃƪ ˘ ³˘)

Title: Sugar Free (BigRoom Ver.)
Artist: 티아라 (T-ara)
Album: And & End
Plays: 284


Sugar Free - T-ARA

Sali Go Dali Go


[MV] Kim Jong Min(김종민) - Sali Go Dali Go (살리고 달리고)

Kim Jong-Min, the hottest ‘oppa’ from back in the days, is back with his solo single ‘Sali Go Dali Go’ after two years and three months of break.

‘Sali Go Dali Go’ is Kim Jong-Min’s third solo single, composed and written by DanDi who also produced the world famous ‘Gwiyomi Song’, ‘Want Some Ramen?’, and ‘Ear Attack’. Zohnny participated in creating the lyrics, improving the track’s quality. ‘Sali Go Dali Go’ is a Korean style EDM mixing electro-house, Melbourne bounce, and dubstep genres. The funky melody and funny lyrics are sure to charm the listeners.

Don’t forget to click or activate the CC for subtitles of the song~ :)

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