Title: 빨개요
Artist: HyunA
Album: A TALK
Plays: 15708
HyunA - 빨개요
Everything was an obvious red lie
My heart keeps turning black
I want to stop this painful love I’m doing by myself
No way, let’s end it, it’s over
[140724] Heyne - "새빨간 거짓말 (Red Lie)" Music Video

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Get to know me meme: Kpop edition

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Get to know me meme: Kpop edition

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Focus on the good things Park Bom has done, instead of focusing on the bad (or rather something she hasn’t done). Blackjacks know that Park Bom is still and always will be a kind, and sweet person who will always makes Blackjacks laugh. Let’s support her, and stop the hate.

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